Iceland – June 9

This is our last road tripping day in Iceland – boo-hoo. It has been a fabulous trip and knowing we have to turn the rental car in later today makes it really our last full day in Iceland. Thanks to Rich and Stacy!! We have enjoyed our trip and the amazing adventures, memories and stories we now share.

And what do you do on your last full day in Iceland in pouring rain and fog? Tour the Reykjavik’s Peninsula of course!

Like all good tourists of Iceland, you go to the Blue Lagoon. And if you are smart, you book your tickets way in advance. Nothing available for today so we just ‘tour’ the Blue Lagoon. Such an amazing place to see and to take pictures even if you don’t really go in. You can pretend!

Next drive to Grindavik. A real fishing town along the coast where they actually process fish and serve up some delicious soups at the Cafe Bryggjan. You can even bus your own table because they are so crowded with lunch time diners.

Then drive up route 42, through a lava encrusted landscape and the Nature Preserve to see more geothermal activity (mud pots) at Seltun and the beautiful Lake Kleifavatn. Of course, I am certain that if it wasn’t pea soup fog and raining the experience would be delightful.

Back to Reykjavik, write this blog, and then go to a local brewery – walking distance – for a beer (Anchors Aweigh).We forgot to mention that people in Iceland take their babies in prams everywhere – even older babies!!

Next, on to the Volcano House Museum to watch a 53 minute movie about exploding volcanoes in Iceland and then dinner at the Santa Svinid Gastropub – the “prettypig.”

Don’t forget to try the Black Death from “The Amazing Race.” or just drink a Viking Red local IPA

And all Icelandic woman, beautiful skin (no sun here) and friendly.

And other American tourists wearing their colors proudly so you can identify their team LOL

What a great trip! Tomorrow we have to depart Iceland and go back to Florida sunshine — until the next time! Northern lights anyone?

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