Brooklyn May 14-15

Monday, May 14th, we walk to Mazzola Bakery to pickup coffee and then to Lesley’s. The routine is a bit off this morning because Emmeline is still running a temperature. We are enlisted to babysit some in the morning and the afternoon. Emme is not quite sure about this as you can imagine – big tears for Mommy. Our ability to distract her attention is thankfully to the ipad and “Finding Nemo.” This works and then a game with cards playing counting and matching before Mommy shows up with lunch for all of us.

After Emme’s nap she’s tearful for Mommy again and then decides another movie would be just perfect. This time “Finding Dory.” She’s not as interested in this one so we play a few games and then Daddy is home to take Emme with to pick-up Ila from daycare. All is well.

Babysitting duty over so we head to CIRCA a local craft brewer just two blocks from our hotel. Good beers and pizza.

Tuesday, May 15 – walk over to pick-up coffee and have breakfast with the girls. Emme is feeling fine this morning and ready to go to school. Ila is happy go lucky baby as always. The view of Manhattan in the fog from the apartment is awesome!

Time for a little laundromat for us and then board the A Train to 34th and Penn Station. Steve is interested in looking around at B&H Photo store. I check out some mini-drones that fly for 7 minutes and shoot video and still pictures – cool. Also, looked at the GoPro devices again. I’m so tempted to pick up one for our trips. So many other gadgets catch my eye while walking the photography area. This hobby could become expensive! Only one person in our family needs to be buying photography equipment.

We are in amazement of all the new buildings going up around this area.

Close by is Madison Square Garden and just outside is Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse. The host shows us to a table outside and we enjoy a martini with lunch – now we really feel like we are on vacation! After a delicious lunch and not too far from where we are is the start of the High Line – 1.45 mile long elevated park. It goes from 34th Street (between 10th & 12th Avenues) to Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District. As you can guess, on a nice day it is very busy. Still, its a nice way to walk 22 blocks without traffic and lights.

Subway back to Brooklyn to rest-up for our theatre event this evening. It is a puppet show at HERE Theatre – ‘Symphonie Fantastique.’

Even before this evening’s theatre event we’ve taken 20,845 steps, walking 10.27 miles!

2 thoughts on “Brooklyn May 14-15

  1. Good thing you can help with babysitting.
    We’ve enjoyed the High Line too.
    You’re keeping busy!


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