FL-GA-KY-IL- Murray, KY

This is quite the road trip. Traveling with Geoff from Florida to Georgia overnight then drive to Kentucky then overnight then drive to Illinois to pick-up items Rick willed to Geoff and now back in Kentucky. Nothing like a real road trip in a brand new car that now has almost 5000 miles – yikes!

Now in Murray, Kentucky waiting to experience the Total Solar Eclipse tomorrow.

It’s been quite a ride. Leaving Florida we stop for gas and see an ‘old time’ Florida fruit stand.

On the Interstate in Tennessee, signs indicating prepare for traffic on Monday. Trucks trying to get their loads to where they need to be before traffic is too crazy.

Stop in the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation area to check out spots for viewing the eclipse. Interesting place located between the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers. Beautiful forests. A special prairie area in restoration to native plants and animals as in bison and elk. We drove through and saw some buffalo. Further in the park, we see a deer and an interesting old Iron Furnace structure. 

 Out of the park, crossing the river towards Murray to check-in to the Holiday Inn.
Murray State University, an old skating rink, a county seat, a confederate statue surrounded by vast lands of farms and rolling hills. Kentucky is quite beautiful.

Coming back from Illinois we stopped at an Iron Skillet restaurant at a Petro Gas Station Truck Stop. Everything is served in iron skillets – don’t think I ever ate at one of these places.  Funny sign on an old phone jack right at our booth….phones in booths before cell phones – wow!

Tomorrow – off to see the Eclipse!

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