Disney Vero Beach Resort – January 2023

Since moving to Florida, we have periodically driven over to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, right down the street from Wabasso Beach on the Atlantic Ocean. We have been Disney Vacation Club Members since 1991 and bought into the DVC Vero Beach in 1995 when it first was opened. At the time, we were excited about a DVC resort that was not on the Disney World property and was right on the Atlantic Ocean. Since then, we have been here many times for short trips and sometimes, like this year, a week long stay.

Disney Vero Beach Inn

It’s an easy 3 1/2 hour drive across Florida for us and we started out in our new Audi Q5 (2600 miles!) around noon.

Just down the road about 5 miles from Okeechobee, our dashboard went completely black – no digital display and no telemetrics! After calling roadside assistance, then cancelling it, we decided to just drive to the nearest Audi dealership in Stuart, FL.

The service advisor could not reboot the system so off we go in a rental car while they attempt to figure out what might need to be done. We arrive at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort at 6:15 pm. Quite a long road trip!

This is both a vacation and a planning session. Each year in January, we team to plan trips, goals and discuss other life issues. Since this is something we have done since we retired, it is always interesting to reflect on the prior year, while discussing and planning the year ahead. Once we finish, we have a few days to just relax, read and visit friends.

Disney’s resort has a nice pool, beautiful beach, fire pit, and intimate bar to enjoy. Also, a few electric vehicle charging spaces with no cars charging. Its a bit too cool this time of year so the beach isn’t being used as much as the heated pool.

A full moon on January 6 puts on quite a display. So bright we can even take pictures of the stars!

Constellation Orion (see the belt!)

And this full moon is on Epiphany so we were lucky to get a picture of the Christmas tree in the lobby; the tree and all the decorations disappeared overnight!

Since we have the luxury of a one bedroom villa, we have a kitchen. A couple of trips to Publix for some food and we are set for breakfast and lunch with our dinners out at Winds & Wave Grill and Cobalt. This time we also had lunch at Citrus Grill on Ocean Blvd. The wind was chilly off the Atlantic sitting in their outdoor dining area.

As our week stay is winding down, the Audi dealer thinks they will have our car repaired in time to drive back. Fingers-crossed!

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