Bike Tour #2 – Wrap-up – September 9, 2022

Just to make sure everyone understands the amount of bike riding for the week, a fellow tour member provided his Garmin stats. Just under or over 170 miles for the week depending if you rode the extra 6 miles into Kellogg.

And because of the total amount of miles, we all indulged in desserts at dinner the last night! Great fun!

One thought on “Bike Tour #2 – Wrap-up – September 9, 2022

  1. Wow! That seemed like a fast trip. Of course we weren’t the ones riding a bike. We really had fun following you on the trip. Great pictures and your group looked like a fun bunch.

    Sorry to hear about the fall. That could have been really nasty but you kept on going. Very lucky.

    We’ll see you when your back home and settled in.

    Kevin & Lois


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