Bike Tour #2 – September 6, 2022

Today’s plan is easy. Ride from the hotel to Higgins Point and back. Then enjoy your day doing whatever you want in Coeur d’Alene. For those who haven’t been here before, there is lots to explore. Some said they were planning to take the boat ride around the lake if available. Others were going to shop and have lunch. Another couple were going to explore and ride the bikes some more, possibly the Prairie Trail which is right across from our hotel.

For us, back to the hotel in the afternoon, laundry, blog and relax. While my injuries from yesterday’s fall are improving, I’m feeling those bruises.

The trail ride today is called The Coeur d’Alene Parkway trail, still part of the Centennial Trail.

We pick-up the trail just down the slope in back of the hotel. This part of the paved trail is lined with new homes, townhomes and some businesses. To reach the city center of Coeur d’Alene, the trail continues through the Lewis & Clark University campus, a city park, and finally along the lake to the center of town. Once through town, the trail takes you through several neighborhoods and along a stretch of road, where the trail finally returns to a paved trail alongside/off the road.

Now we follow the trail along the beautiful lake until we reach Higgins Point. Lake Coeur d’Alene is 25 miles long and is named after the French name – which translates to “sharp as an awl” – for the Native Americans who lived in this area; evidently they were clever and hard-nosed traders. Below are a few nice lake views. Last year when we did this ride it was cloudy. So nice to see blue sky and water.

At Higgins Point is a statue of “Leopold,” the sculpture of a 19th-century photographer by Coeur d’Alene artist David Clemons. The statue has graced the shoreline of Lake Coeur d’Alene for many years. The camera is poised as to capture the beauty of the lake all year. This spot was picked because many photographers come to this point to photograph bald eagles eating the spawning salmon.

“Leopold” sculpture at Higgins Point
Clowning around Leopold

Just past Higgins Point, up a hill is the end of this section of the trail. A lovely area with hiking trails and a picnic area. We were curious too about the beautiful pine trees surrounding the area.

The Douglas Fir stood out to us, not only because of its height but it’s strange pine cone.

Very tall Douglas Fir Tree
Douglas Fir pine cone

The return to Coeur d’Alene is via the same trail. The group splits up in town as everyone seeks their own adventure. We head back with guide DJ to the hotel. Fortunately, we are there when our friend shows up in need of a bike repair. Steve, as always prepared, has brought the exact bike tool she needs to fix the handlebars and continue bike riding.

Tonight we have dinner at a restaurant in downtown called ‘Season.’ Good drinks, food and company. One of our tour members loves dessert. His choice tonight, along with several others, Huckleberry Shortcake. Looks yummy! Everyone is storing up on the calories for tomorrow’s big ride to Kellogg.

Today’s strange picture is of a road bike person completing the ride to the end of the trail and then getting down on the ground and doing one-legged push-ups. Never saw this before!

2 thoughts on “Bike Tour #2 – September 6, 2022

  1. Thanks for the blog. I enjoyed learning about the interesting scenes and events of your bike trip!! I also was interested in the fun my daughter and son-in-law were having!! Julie and Steve

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