Spokane, WA – September 4, 2022

This is our last full day in Spokane before our bike trip and we attempt a few more things we haven’t done yet. First, breakfast at a different place. Based on ratings, the Shutters Restaurant in the DoubleTree Hotel is good and isn’t too far from where we are staying. “Montana Huckleberry Pancakes” turns out to be a good choice.

The walk to the restaurant and then back to our hotel provided a few more photo opportunities. The amazing sculptures in this city, some from the Expo 74 and some more recent, are very nicely placed to enjoy as your stroll the paths.

Spokane’s Clock Tower and Pavilion

I was able to get a great view of the The Pavilion on the way back.

And with all the food from Pig Out in the Park, there will be a lot of bees.

A little laundry and repacking clothes fills out the morning. Then back to the Riverfront Park and the Skyride, a gondola that goes down to the river so you can see the Spokane Falls.

Pig Out in the Park again today with some chicken tacos and then back to the hotel out of the heat. It’s amazing how hot it can get in the sun here even with a cooler temps and lower UV. The afternoon is watching Rays baseball game streaming on MLB.TV. Just realized we missed the Indy500 – guess we are still in that time warp.

Early dinner tonight at Clinkerdagger which is located in the old Flour Mill building overlooking the river. Excited to start riding the bikes tomorrow!

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