Fairview to Edmond – 1 June 2022

Rain in Oklahoma is really a rarity even if all you know of Oklahoma is storm chasing on The Weather Channel. Today as we leave Fairview to drive to Edmond, the rain is raining down. This limits our photo opportunities!

The docent at the Sod House Museum encouraged us to drive on Route 81 towards Oklahoma City as this follows the original Chisholm Trail.

Jessie Chisholm – “The Ambassador of the Plains”

The Chisholm Trail was named after Jesse Chisholm who was half Cherokee and blazed a trail so he could trade goods in Indian Territory, which was part of Western Oklahoma and Eastern Texas. As it turns out, his trail was subsequently used by cattle drovers and christened the Chisholm Trail in honor of Jesse, its trail blazer. He later settled in Kingfisher Oklahoma, where we spotted this statue on a corner commemorating his contribution to the history of the region.

Lots of old buildings being kept in good shape along this road too. An old Sinclair gas station, buffet restaurant and a corner store.

Sinclair gas station
The Old Corner Store
Buffet Heaven

In Edmond we are visiting Steve’s uncle who is 93 this year. He tells us stories about how he spends his time now on his Horse Named John, a John Deere riding mower that he uses to get around his yard because he can’t really walk his property anymore. Steve’s cousin is also with us for the afternoon.

Dinner at Ted’s Escondido Mexican Restaurant, a local chain. Seems like all we are doing is eating! And last night we ate Mexican food at Taco Mayo (way better than Taco Bell but no competition for Ted’s). Definitely getting our fix of tacos, burritos, refried beans and salsa!

Beer served in frosted glass with lime on the rim – huge!
A different take on Sonic at one of the original sites in Fairview OK

Checked into an Aloft Hotel for the night before we head to Stillwater tomorrow. Luckily the weather isn’t as threatening as last night. No tornado warnings! The funny thing about this hotel and our particular room is the wallpaper in the bathroom. Very strange.

It’s eerily quiet in and around this Aloft and it’s very welcoming. We look forward to two nights here before we relocate for a special evening and day in downtown Oklahoma City.

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