Stella in Oklahoma – addendum May 30, 2022

One stop we had not planned on was a drive to search for a historical marker. Steve’s grandfather, grandmother, and his grandfather’s brother attended this Quaker school back in their early school years. The Quakers came to Oklahoma and settled all over. To be able to keep their children educated in their religion, they had them attend these types of schools. Eventually, after the school closed, they went to the public schools and became members of the Methodist Church in Jet, Oklahoma, This sign is all that is left of this piece of history. There is also a cemetery named after Stella where Quakers were buried, not far from this marker.

On State Road 11

Not far from this cemetery, we take a picture of a tree to provide an example of how the wind in Oklahoma even causes the trees to be shaped in the direction of the wind!

And finally, we stop to get gas in Fairview, OK. I was very surprised that you could use Bitcoin to buy gas!!

Our trip also would not have been complete without driving across the Canton Dam, creating Canton Lake – another interesting place in Oklahoma.

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