Brooklyn, NY – May 19-23, 2022

A trip to Brooklyn for us means family time. This 4 day trip was different because we were taking caring of our granddaughters. Our daughter provided a very detailed itinerary for each day which we were able to follow/accomplish without too many hiccups.

Since I am allergic to cats, Steve stayed in their apartment at night while I stayed at a hotel about a mile away. The hotel was very new and nice, decent location as well. Walking my first morning from the hotel to the apartment to meet for breakfast, I always note the differences being in a city vs. our lovely paradise home.

Lots of bikes for rent but most people seem to have their own now.

After picking the girls up from school, we enjoy a meal together before bedtime. Friday and Saturdays they are allowed to watch a movie. We are allowed to enjoy a beverage.

Everything Brooklyn!

While the girls are at school we are able to take a break and enjoy the roof top views.

Saturday and Sundays are filled with activities – Gymnastics, Swimming and Tennis.

We had an opportunity to walk to the Brooklyn promenade and observe the sights there too.

I used Uber to travel back to the hotel at night. One evening, a tow truck was on the street with my Uber right behind him one block away. 15 minutes later, the Uber picked me up. All of the Uber drivers were very polite and accommodating to us when we would pile in each day to travel to where the girls activities were at. $15.00 each way. 8 trips in total! Quite expensive to be in New York.

Somehow we made it through the very active weekend with only one mishap. I jump in the Uber to get home from Tennis and realized I only had one Tennis racket not two. Don’t know what happened to the other one. Just learned another Tennis racket was purchased yesterday so I am told no worries.

When our daughter arrived home, we went out for a major pig out at Dinosaur BBQ just around the corner from our hotel.

We might be asked back again since the girls were happy to see them and still alive when the parents came home! Oh, Steve has a new nickname. He went from being called Papa to Pop!

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