On the road heading south – October 5, 2021

After a full day at the New River Gorge National Park, we decided to start our drive back to FLA as our mission was accomplished – #63 done.

Fall and fog in the air

I-77 is a road less travelled by us. It is actually in decent shape, with minimal road construction all the way to I-26. Quirky sights as always get our attention, plus rest stops have their uniqueness too. Now, just off I-95, we arrive at our respite for the night.

At a gas station this morning

An interesting truck parked at one of our rest stops…..

Rip off gas stations do exist along the interstate and we seem to find them.

During the drive we talked about our various adventures and commented how interesting that trains kept coming into our experiences (Museum in NC and Thurmond, WV). So when we checked into a brand-new Springhill Suites near Savannah, GA, and the front desk person says, “Just want you to know when the building shakes it is because there is a train track close by. (Right behind the hotel!) When the trains pass, the building will shake a little.” How appropriate – another train experience. And YES the building does shake, and we don’t even have to put a quarter in the slot on the bed!🚂

Dinner tonight is at Bubba’s Bistro, clever name. Apparently it was on the Food Network. Southern creations at their finest. Delicious. We recommend Bubba’s but be forewarned, it has had several names over its short history – Bubba’s, Southern Comfort, Magnolia’s – so only God and maybe Bubba know what it will be named on our next trip up the Coastal Flow.

After eating all of these calories, we better get home tomorrow and start a diet because in a few days we will be eating at Disney World.

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