Disney World – 1 August 2021

Our flight back yesterday from Spokane thru Salt Lake City was uneventful until the last 10 minutes. Then, the flight attendant came on the speaker and said, “If there is a doctor on the plane, please identify yourself with the call button.” Thankfully, there was a woman doctor across the aisle from us. Apparently a man several rows back from us was experiencing a headache, chest pain and leg pain. The flight attendant did the job we all hope they are qualified to do. When the plane lands, it was met by the EMTs who board and take the man off the plane while we sit in our seats waiting to disembark. Great work, Ms. Flight Attendant!

Airports and airplanes still require masks. We are off the plane at midnight, pick up the bags, and wait for our shuttle to the off-site parking. Masks off outdoors!

A short drive to Disney’s Grand Floridian where we are met by a man driving a golf cart shuttle. By now it is 1:15 AM, our DVC villa building is only unlocked with a magic band and so we have to go to the main hotel building to get our room assignment so our magic bands will work. Safety and service – that is what Disney is all about. This sounds so late, yet thankfully we are still on Pacific time so we are unpacked and in bed by 2:30 AM, 11:30 pm Spokane time. We were reminiscing about the first time we bought into Disney Vacation Club 30 years ago…….We were flying from Chicago O’Hare, our plane was on the tarmac delayed because of weather for 3 hours and we arrived at the Grand Floridian Hotel at 3:30 AM. We had a shuttle driver (maybe this same person LOL), who took us to our room that turned out to be under renovation so we had to go back to the front desk and be assigned another room. We didn’t get to bed that night/morning until 4:30 AM.

The nice thing about Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is it is always, I repeat always, a positive experience staying at this beautiful destination hotel. It is located on the lake and the monorail, so it’s easy to get to the parks. They now have a walkway you can take directly to Magic Kingdom. We love it!

Hiking and biking shoes – cleaned up and packed away until September

First order of business this morning is breakfast and cleaning up the shoes from the trail dirt. Laundry and enjoy air conditioning while the afternoon storms build-up. A welcome nap for Steve. Real RAIN! And the Rays on TV tonight, playing the Red Sox. We haven’t had these experiences for 10 days.

A short drive in late afternoon and we are at Epcot. It is 4:00 PM and people have either melted or left the park until the evening. Very quiet – we walked on with no wait to the very poplular Soaring!

Tonight our dinner reservation is at the Coral Reef Restaurant in Epcot in the Living Seas attraction. We have not been in here in years. They have done a nice job of upscaling the decorations. Sitting next to the giant fish tank is always entertaining. Tonight we have a huge whiptail ray (no doubt a Tampa Bay Rays fan) staring at us and beautiful sharks and fish swimming past.

There is always a moment at Disney that makes us smile. Tonight, a little girl walked right up to a picture of Edna on a construction board. I tried to catch her talking to and pointing at Edna for grandma but she started to walk away – so adorable! Edna junior!

The rain is starting so we head back to the hotel. The lobby always has an amazing chocolate sculpture; this time an sitting eagle and USA flag. Nice.


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