Hiking Mt. Hood National Forest – 23 July 2021

Early morning again, and we are adjusting to time zone change day by day. The weather is absolutely perfect – 60’s in the morning, 80’s in the afternoons. Winds are 20-30 mph in this area of the Columbia River Gorge. Loving this weather.

Today, our adventure is a 4.7 moderate hike to the Tamanawas Falls in Mt. Hood National Forest. A short drive south on US 35 and we arrive.

The hike is thru the forest and a few patches of sun peek through now and again. The trail follows the East Fork of the Hood River and then crosses and follows Cold Spring Creek to the falls. It is so pleasant to hike along rushing water in a forest. Nothing compares!

The hike isn’t too strenuous until we come across two rock slides the second of which diverts the trail through a pile of boulders. No one is quite prepared for this detour.

Once past this section, a little further and you see the falls. Even though it is July and there’s an intense drought occurring, the falls are still roaring. An awesome sight!

Tamanawas Falls

We head back to the car, knowing our reward awaits in Hood River: A late lunch and a couple of beers at pFriem Brewery. Very welcome and refreshing! Rest this evening before departing tomorrow for Richland, WA. Definitely Hood River is a place we will remember and maybe, just maybe, we will return……

The guys and their reward

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