Oklahoma – 21 September, 2019

Crazy thunderstorm in the middle of the night in Amarillo – bad enough for us to think we were possibly in a tornado. So we were awake at a very early hour to start the drive to Oklahoma before the sunrise. Just us and the truckers getting coffee at the Flying J. One sight I wish I could have captured was all the wind towers rotating just as the sky is getting lighter. The towers are lined up in rows and they all have red lights on them that all blink synchronously. Of course, you can only see these while driving by at 75 miles an hour in the dark so not convenient for picture-taking. The only other thing that might be observing the flashing lights would be the cattle grazing in the fields below the wind towers. It’s quite a weird sight to see this in the middle of nowhere America. Urban America get ready: Your own personal wind generators will be coming soon!

The drive on I-40 is easy – flat, a few rolling hills and not too much traffic. We do find ourselves driving in some rain. We heard on the Weather Channel that some of this rainy weather we are experiencing is left over from hurricane Imelda.

We arrive at Uncle Bob and Carol’s house around 11 AM. Somehow there was confusion as they thought we were coming mid-afternoon. Surprise! All turns out well because we have more time to visit. Bob is turning 91 in January and Carol is an disclosed distance behind him. They are just as sharp as ever and still very active with their family in Oklahoma and their church. A short break while we drive to check in to our hotel and then we meet up again for a lovely dinner (their treat!) at a Kobe Sushi & Hibachi Steak House restaurant near where they live in Edmond.

A great day sharing family news, having good conversation and creating more memories. It is always a nice time in Oklahoma with their fantastic hospitality.

Tomorrow heading to St. Louis and the Gateway Arch National Park!

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