Food, Art and Beer – 18 September 2019

Start with food – every day – something interesting and Santa Fe popular – Tia Sophia’s. Our waiter is a jokester—one liners, corny but funny at 8 AM in the morning. Breakfast Burrito anyone?

A visit to Loretto Chapel before we take the Loretto Line Tour. It’s a great deal for $20 – a way to see the downtown area, museum hill and little of this and that.

Bataan Memorial and the eternal flame. A wonderful memorial. Then, the tour drove us up Canyon Road and stopped to see some beautiful sculptures.

A couple of people weren’t interested in the sculpture we stopped to see.

Largest Adobe church in America.

After the Loretto Line Tour we went to the sculpture garden behind the St. Francis Cathedral – didn’t even know it was there until our tour guide told us about it. We find it is the stations of the cross around the garden with a path that is the shape of rosary. Just lovely and emotional. An emaciated and sinewy Christ suffering through the Passion.

Lunch, anyone? Cafe Pasquales for interesting sandwiches, of course prepared New Mexican style.

Our afternoon is a Beer & Art Tour. Cross the Santa Fe River towards the San Miguel Mission Church where we start our tour. Wait, we start our tour with a beer at the Upper Crust Pizzeria right next door to the San Miguel Mission Church.

Next a peek into the oldest house in the USA (been here before), and the San Miguel Mission Church before we walk over to the State Capital Building.

New Mexico became a state in 1912. This State Capital building was completed in the 1960’s and renovated in 1992, making it the third newest capital building behind Hawaii and Florida, and one of the few without a dome! In the front are some beautiful scuplture.

The building is shaped in the Zia symbol of the New Mexican flag. Inside is an incredibly huge and well displayed array of artwork – over 600 pieces. The Rotunda (not a dome) ceiling is a beautiful stained glass window patterned after a Native American basket weave symbolizing the sky and the earth.

Art, art everywhere. Our tour guide even takes us through the secret underground parking lot to get to another section with more art.

The next building we visit is the Bataan Memorial Building, which also houses all the Veterans Administration services. Our tour guide, Nicholas, tells us he served in the supply group of the 10th Mountain 4th Brigade at Fort Polk, serving the infantry! Hey our son was there. This young man went in to the service in 2009 when our son was getting out. Thank you all for your service! More memorials and artwork by a blind Vietnam veteran –

Our tour ends at the Santa Fe Brewery with another tasting. And we actually walked home!

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