Getting Ready – 15-16, September 2019

It’s our last few days in Santa Fe, which means it’s time to get ready to pack up the car and prepare to leave. And we need to prepare for our friends, who arrive on Tuesday – so clean up the place and declutter the space! We have definitely unpacked and moved into this casita, with more stuff than we could possibly need but somehow used and now we have to fit it back in our car for the continuation of the road trip. We are singing the old Santa Fe song.

Sunday breakfast is at The Plaza Restaurant early. Then, because our car decided to have a warning light come on – Check Air in All Tires – while driving down the Jemez Mountains back to Santa Fe yesterday, we have to find an air pump.

Two gas stations – one air pump broken, another one doesn’t even have air. Third station’s a charm – Free Air. Discover only two of our tires needed a little air. This is where you wish you understood altitude, cold and hot effects on tire pressure. Fill what needs filling and reset. All is well.

Back to house again to determine what we can ship ahead and what we need pack in the car. We figured it out and now just have to deliver two pieces of luggage and one small box of miscellaneous paraphernalia to the UPS Store to ship ahead to Illinois. Guess we will find out on Friday morning if it all the rest of our stuff fits in the car!

We attended the Facebook streaming worship at St. Armands Key Lutheran Church. The weather is a bit iffy for walking over to St. Francis Cathedral’s 10 AM worship – OK really, it’s raining in Santa Fe. Temps are cooler too. Fall is in the air and showing up on some trees.

Monday – drop the bags and stuff to ship at the UPS Store, pickup dry cleaning, do some laundry, make a grocery store run and enjoy the rest of the day. Which involved some shopping while walking on to our favorite coffee shop. And a nice new piece of art. We’ve been looking for a raven, or ravens, in any size, shape or [black] color since we arrived, and today we found ours.

Later, a drive up the mountains near Santa Fe to see what we can see. No skiing yet. A few aspens changing color and a very foggy view even though it is sunny now in Santa Fe, three thousand feet in elevation down the mountain.

Looking forward to our friends arriving tomorrow for some more fun these last few days in Santa Fe. Dinner tonight at the Coyote Cafe.

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