New Mexico Museum of Art – 13 September 2019

A full moon and a Friday the 13th together speak volumes – “Stay close to home and enjoy downtown Santa Fe.” This morning is the best – cool temps and no crowds. First stop, the post office to mail important stuff to the IRS. Walking past the Court House we see an obelisk erected in memory of Kit Carson.

Next, a short walk to the Ft. Marcy Historic Park, calling it exercise with a reward of a coffee at 35 degrees North.

Wrap-up the morning with an hour-plus at the New Mexico Museum of Art on the corner of the Plaza. This Museum was the “first art museum in New Mexico. Much of the furniture is original to the building and specifically designed for the Museum,” the brochure/map says. We agree this is a really fantastic museum – 101 years old – with revolving exhibit rooms and two sculpture gardens. We walked thru most of the museum but missed one sculpture garden and the Saint Francis Auditorium.

R.C. Gorman – Seated Navajo Woman

Alfeo Faggi – St. Francis

David Kimball Anderson – Big Mind: Bowing, Black Robe

Inside the first gallery the exhibit is entitled: Social and Sublime: Land, Place and Art. Well-known artists, somewhat traditional – Thomas Moran, Angel Adams, Georgia O’Keefe.

This art was done with crayons. Quite unique and also made into a sculpture by the artist – Luis E. Jimenez, Jr. – entitled: Border Crossing

Right next to the Border Crossing art are two fascinating photographs. Take note of the dates of these photographs by David Taylor.

The second gallery we enter is entitled: Alcoves 2020. Modern art.

Diane Marsh – Child’s Prayer.

Third Gallery exhibit is “The Great Unknown: Artists at Glen Canyon and Lake Powell.”

Georgia O’Keefe’s painting above – On the River. Peter Goin – Tapestry Wall, Colorado River.

A couple of short films also show people taking boat trips down the Colorado River in 1954, 1962 and later photos of Lake Powell early on and today. Good exhibit.

Upstairs on the second floor an exhibit entitled: Bringing Together: Recent Acquisitions. An eclectic collection. The room itself is a work of art!

This mural hung in an apartment in New York City for years. It was donated and had to be restored. It is magnificent – a favorite of mine.

This photograph (Three Men on a Bench) was taken in South Beach, Miami in the 1980’s by Gay Block. Yes, this was Miami before the hipsters, movie stars and rich South American’s arrived!

Another museum of quality art and diverse artists – so much to enjoy. Steve gives it a ‘high five.’

I found this last art piece a classic by Betty Hahn – Starry Night.

Tonight we are venturing out to dinner at the Market Street Steakhouse, rated #1 in 2019 for Best New Restaurant. Worth a taste test!

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