New Mexico History Museum – September 4-5, 2019

After going back in history by driving to the ancient Pueblo civilizations historical sites, the next stop was the museum in downtown Santa Fe with an overview of the New Mexican history. This is an excellent museum, highly recommended to really understand the New Mexico people and their history. Quite amazing. I took a zillion pictures because everything was interesting and informative. I won’t “entertain” you with an entire history of New Mexico.

We started our morning by climbing up to the Ft. Marcy site where there is now a Cross standing on the same hill overlooking Santa Fe. The mountains in the distance are beautiful and one can see why this was a cross roads, calling people from across the nation and world.

Inside the museum, we explore for two hours one day and another two hours the next day. The displays are well done; the exhibits about the atomic age and the moon landing are fascinating and nicely done. I’ll let some of the pictures tell the story.

New Mexico became a state in 1912. Men and women served in all the wars and there are great exhibits commemorating their service. I especially appreciate the Code Talkers of WW2. My son and daughter traveled with me to the Grand Canyon in 1989 and we stopped at a McDonalds near Farmington, NM. There were Code Talker survivors in this McDonald’s answering questions about the exhibit commemorating their service. I was wowed! Also please know that the Bataan Death March included an abnormally large number of New Mexicans. New Mexico, thanks for your silent contribution and outstanding service to our freedom.

Then the Cold War and the duck and cover videos for us children in school. Yikes! Remember that well too.

Who knows what this is? It was used by those working on the The Manhattan Project in New Mexico where there are also quite a few Uranium Mines. Steve thinks he could still operate one.

And New Mexico continues to be part of the development of nuclear technologies and the Space Program with the various research and development going on throughout the various locations in the state.

After our museum visit, time for some New Mexican food sitting outside at The Shed restaurant. Delicious red and green chile flavors! Tomorrow – hike it off!

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