Vancouver 2019

This is our third, perhaps fourth visit to Vancouver. It is a great city to walk, cycle, tour and experience human diversity at its best.

Since we had previously been here/done this, we decided to enjoy a morning walk to and partly around Stanley Park, to experience views of the harbor and waterfront and finally, to walk to the ferry to Granville Island.

After two days sitting on the train, today we definitely made up for it.

Steve’s super duper watch recorded 13 miles of walking and close to 13 thousand steps; not a record but not bad for two old guys.

Granville Island is always fun. We ate dinner at the Dockside, recommended by the Rocky Mountaineer people. Excellent food and views – we even saw a private ship leaving LOL. We also went with our friends to The Sandbar while they had dinner, another excellent eating-and-imbibing restaurant.

Granville Island has a wonderful public market and a functioning cement factory – really? YES!

We lucked out on the weather too – no rain, just cloudy and 60’s. It is a fun city to experience and we wish we had more time to explore – tomorrow at 4 AM we leave.

And we stayed at the Trump Tower – quite the luxury experience and Ivanka’s spa was tempting but I didn’t have time 🙂 Steve says that the hotel is over-engineered and exceedingly high-falutin’, but what does he know?

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