5-6 May, 2019 – Brooklyn

Our world cruise ended and we are in Brooklyn for a couple of days visiting family. We took a picture from our cruise ship towards where our granddaughters live while they were looking out the window at our ship. We missed them!

The weather was dreary on Sunday but today it is a gorgeous spring day in Brooklyn. We walked to the promenade to enjoy the weather, the view of the Manhattan skyline and just being on land looking at water instead of cruising on the water.

Always amazing to visit this city and see the changes. We were last here in November. More new buildings going up, more old buildings being torn down and just as many people and cars. You definitely have to be young and/or physically fit to live here. It’s noon and we’ve already walked 6 miles!

Picking up the granddaughters later from daycare and then some dinner. Tomorrow, we head to the airport and we’ll arrive home after being gone since January 21st. Definitely looking forward to being home!

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