Bar Harbor September 22-25, 2018

One of our favorite National Parks is Acadia on Mt. Desert Island. We have been here many times, so many that we had to stop coming so we could finish visiting the rest of the National Parks.

In past years, we rented for two and three weeks and still felt like we didn’t have enough time to enjoy the national park and the towns on Mt. Desert Island. This year, we are returning and staying in a house very close to downtown Bar Harbor along with two other couples, for one week. I already feel like this will not be enough time to enjoy this beautiful area of our country.

We arrive on Saturday and gather at the rental home. It is a lovely old-style three-story cottage with bedrooms upstairs and downstairs, a kitchen, a dining and a living room. A sun room on the front of the cottage and a mud room on the backside along with a paved patio with grill and table for eating outside. The weather on Saturday is sunny and windy temps in the 60’s. Quite nice after leaving the 90 degree temps in FLA.

Our friends Rod and Elsa arrive before we do and scout the stores and of course a blueberry pie from Morning Glory Bakery

Sunday we start out by hiking the Kane Path which is along the Tarn and has some good boulder climbing. It’s good for getting your hiking brain in gear and testing your shoes and balance. When we reach the intersection with the Ladder Trail up to Dorr Mountain and we mention we have never done this path, everyone says – come on – we can do it. Yikes! Steve and I have never done this path before because it is known to be difficult and strenuous. How does 1200 steps and several ladders to climb around huge boulders on the side of a mountain sound for a hike? The Ladder Trail is the oldest hike in Acadia and leads to a trail that will take you along the side of Dorr Mountain and up to the top. Yes, it was very challenging and fortunately we are all in good enough shape to do it. We finish by coming down the Emery Trail back to the parking lot. It takes us 3 hours and we all agree it was pretty amazing. Time to return to the house and grab some lunch.

That evening, everyone believes we need Lobster for dinner and the best place on the island is Beals Lobster Pier. The best meal – lobster, corn, coleslaw and cornbread. And of course beer. We tried the Lobster Ale – a local beer. Great time and great food!

Monday morning we leave early. It is very cool and sunny – 47 degrees necessitates everyone bundling up with whatever clothes they have to keep warm. Definitely I did not pack for these temperatures!

Stop at Thunder Hole, hike Gorham Mountain trail and then to Jordan Pond for popovers and after stuffing ourselves a walk on the trail around Jordan Pond. The temperature never seems to warm up…..bbbbrrrrrr much above 50. For us Florida people, this is winter weather!

Monday evening we drive up to the Cadillac Mountain to see the sunset and the rise of the full harvest moon. Cold but happy to be able to see such spectacular views!

Tuesday morning we leave early again. While it doesn’t seem too busy, there really are quite a number of tourists still around. The earlier you leave to do things the smaller the crowds you encounter on your hikes.

First stop is Bass Harbor Lighthouse, lighting the way since 1858. The view from the coastline is always impressive.

Next, we hike a new trail along the Somes Sound that our friend’s friend told him about -Flying Mountain. A very nice hike with stairs, roots, boulders and then a beautiful view of Somes Sound. Hiking down you come to the shoreline of Somes Sound. We hear loons calling and enjoy the last part of the hike which is a fire line road back to the parking.

The reward – more lobster at Beals. This time, mussels, lobster and lobster rolls enjoyed by all. Great times creating great memories.

Dinner at home tonight. Since we couldn’t find any blueberry pies in town (all sold out and one place wasn’t open), Kathleen is making us a blueberry pie to enjoy. Yum!

Tomorrow is rain so we will maybe have a real vacation rest day!

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