Hawaii Adventure 2018

Our plans for this Hawaiian Trip were made over 6 months ago. Who could predict that Hurricane Lane would be heading to Hawaii as well? We took the risk of leaving on our trip since the real purpose of our vacation is to host our daughter Lesley and her beautiful family at Disney Aulani. Would you miss the chance to vacation with your grandchildren??

Easy trip on Delta from Sarasota to Atlanta to Honolulu. The flight from Atlanta takes over 9 hours – lots of time to read, watch movies and rest.

As we are settling in to our seat, Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel and his camera crew are settling into the seats in front of us. Of course, several people have to have selfies taken with Jim to prove he was really there. And of course with a hurricane bearing down on the Hawaiian islands, where else would you expect Jim Cantore to be working? I did get a quick pic of him talking to one of his fellow Weather Channel team members and while he was stretching to get his backpack out of the overhead bin. No selfies for us, although Mr. Cantore is accommodative of all who ask.

We catch a taxi to our hotel – The Laylow – an appropriate name for this first portion of our trip. It is located about 2 blocks from the Waikiki beach waterfront. After dropping our bags, we head out to see what is happening on the street and pick up a few supplies for our room. Oh, and it is now 4 PM here and 10 PM in Sarasota – have to stay awake until at least 7:30 or 8 PM to start our time adjustment.

It is as busy as ever on the street and it doesn’t look like many are making preparations for the hurricane. Even the beach is busy with vacationers and the waves are small so far. Sun is in and out behind clouds and 85 degrees.

We see CNN setting up their cameras and broadcasting; the media is getting ready to report the big news. Hurricane’s rarely hit Hawaii – only 3 in the last 100 years. This is partly because Hawaiian islands are a small target in the Pacific, the water around the islands is cooler than the rest of the Pacific Ocean and the prevailing winds create a shear off the mountains on the islands.

After visiting the beach area, we stop at Maui Brewing Co to check out their beer selection and grab some food. Note the big bowl was filled with fries – can’t beat that for a dinner. Our waitstaff chats with us about the hurricane. She is originally from North Carolina, no stranger to hurricanes. She’s been briefing her friends on the island about what to do and especially, not to worry. She made us laugh when she told us people were filling up their gas tanks already causing gas stations to run out of gas……sounds familiar. Of course, she said – “where are they going to drive to? We are on an island!”

After that meal of carbs, we go back to the room and crash at 7:30 PM. Yay, we made it.

Now this morning we are up and watching the Weather Channel at 4 AM. The local news is providing more details about the storm. Light rain, no winds yet today. By tomorrow, we will have more wind and lots of rain. The big concern on Oahu is flooding and power outages. Well, I bought my flash light in the Atlanta airport. LOL

Today, we remain in the NOAA “cone of uncertainty.”

2 thoughts on “Hawaii Adventure 2018

  1. Looking at your photos it sure looks like people are living on Island Time, not really worrying in advance for the storm. Well, take care, there. Some sort of storm it’s going to be. Great memories of those streets, btw.

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