How to be an Icelander

Last night we saw a fantastic 60 minute one-man on how to become an Icelander. It was really funny as he compared the Icelandic to other nationalities including speaking their languages with intimations.

So here are the 15 things, not in context of the show, yet you will laugh at some.

1 you are always right

2 be rude

3 know the sagas

4 walk like an Icelander

5 think big

6 wash all the body parts

7 love your balls

8 believe in elves

9 love your work

10 everything will work out

11 drink a lot

12 you have to change your name

13 give general directions

14 embrace your heritage (eat old food)

15 talk like an Icelander (no emotion or tone)

“We have three seasons here – winter, fall and hope.”

At the end a certificate was put up on the screen and we could take a picture as our award for now being an Icelander.

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