Brooklyn May 25-26

Last two days in Brooklyn until the next time!

Friday – Last laundry morning and walking around Brooklyn you see the sadly despondent and the regular people lugging their stuff. Life is hard here. Girls have a half day so we meet-up and adventure to the park and then dinner at PIG BEACH a BBQ place with lots of picnic tables, bar and food. Fun evening.

Saturday – Adventure is to Governor’s Island. This is a place we have never been and is undergoing a lot of renovation. We take a Ferry from Pier 6 and arrive on Governor’s Island fairly early. We walk with Lesley & Mike to a location that they are familiar with where we meet their friends who have grabbed a nice table in the shade with an umbrella.

Steve and I take off down the path to climb the “Hills” and see the Statue of Liberty etc. Great 360 of New York.

We continue walking around the perimeter of Governor’s Island and find that we can actually get a National Park stamp at the Castle Williams. This is an interesting place to visit and will continue to be so as they redevelop the island buildings and property. Spectacular views.

A couple of beers and a brat and we are chilling on our last day in New York. We take the Ferry back and enjoy dinner in the hotel while we finishing packing up. Can’t believe it has almost been a month!!

Capping off the evening with our last chocolate bar!

Hoping Tropical Storm Alberto doesn’t impact our trip home tomorrow……

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